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Little about us

We are a small company that develops mobile applications tailored. We do what we like, innovate, invent and we are creative. We prefer creating applications for companies that want to grow globally. We did well startup projects and applications for individuals. We also do our own applications, which can be found in the AppStore. If interested, cooperation, or demand, please contact us.

We love what we do, and we'll do it well

Digital Design

We pride ourselves on unique designs. We are able to devise a design tailored to your requirements and corporate identity. Also, we often work with the supplied graphic visuals and based on our analysis and recommendations to be implemented into the application. Everything is a matter of agreement.

App Development

Currently we create applications for all major mobile platforms, which means iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The team includes experienced programmers for each platform. We adhere to the habits of each mobile platform for comfortable use by users. The output quality is further commented code for eventual development.

Creative Direction

We educate and keep pace with global trends. Our goal is to offer customers the best of functionality, design and method of operation in mobile applications. Everything is carefully consult customers and we agree the next direction of development of their applications.

Together for success

  • Why us?

    The young developing team with innovative ideas and flavors to implement them.

Our clients

Automotive Lighting
GS Caltex Czech
Pears Health Cyber
Mladá Fronta
Lidové Noviny
Očko TV
Bednar Farm Machinery
Město Havířov
Město Karviná

We're a team that adore what we do

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    David Mokroš


    Business & Financial

    Team Member

    Tibor Racko


    Web & Design developer

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AiNeuron s.r.o.
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Czech Republic

ID / IČ: 016 79 627
DUNS: 361 340 846
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